The Cycladic island of Sifnos is putting plastic bags to sleep and instead opting for environmentally friendlier material pouches in efforts to become greener and self-reliant.

On the initiative of the Sifnos Island Cooperative (SIC), locals — starting from schools — are being educated on the need to move away from the use of plastic. In cooperation with Sifnos educators, youngsters are learning how their actions impact the environment and the future.


Words were first put into practice last April, when locals were called on to go shopping with a material bag or with the traditional handwoven “dorvas” or opt to pay an extra 10 cents for a plastic bag.

Last week, the society held a special event titled “The Bag Goes to School” on occasion of World Earth Day.

In the meantime, the society is also exploring ways to make Sifnos self-sufficient in terms of energy aiming to tap into renewable energy sources such as the wind and the sea water.

“We are convinced that it can be done and should be done with tried and tested technologies,” SIC president Apostolos Dimopoulos said. Mr Dimopoulos is also the owner and manager of "Aegean Thesaurus Travel", founded on Sifnos in 1987.

To achieve their goal, SIC members are meeting with other societies across Europe in efforts to bring in foreign investors interested in backing the eco-projects.

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